1. done by people acting as a group.
    • relating to or shared by all the members of a group.

      1. 1.
        a cooperative enterprise.

What: A  collective of writers and poets traveling to different destinations each year and creating for themselves a conference/residency experience that is a little off the traditional path. Follow us on Instagram @mtgcollective to follow our travels and receive our Craft Bites.

How: Show up. Write. Commit to a reading, a lecture, a workshop that you will be responsible for. Hang.  Make conversation. Use all hanging and conversation and walks around the city to inform your work. Mind the Gap.

Why:  Because it’s fun. And because sometimes you don’t need the conference experience yet one more time but you don’t quite feel up to cloistering yourself in your bedroom for weeks on end either. You need time to write. You get to pick and choose the elements from conferences and residencies that work for you. Also, you have a sweet spot for traveling.

Who: Fictioneers, poets, nonfiction writers. Anyone who has ever wished they could get the writing benefits of a retreat or a residency with the social and peer-workshop benefits of a conference.

When: The first Collective travelled in November, 2016 to London, England. Each year, we travel during late Oct-early November.

Upcoming Dates:

  • 2017: Madrid
  • 2018: Copenhagen or Paris
  • 2019: Tibet
  • 2020: Iceland
  • 2021: London

Wanna Go?   Follow us on Instagram @mtgcollective and tag us in a photo or InstaStory that states your interest and why you want to be a part of our 2018 Collective.


Mind The Gap Collective

We have a lot of catchphrases here at MTG, mantras that we have adopted, a language we speak to define our struggles in our journey as writers. The Collective was created out of our own frustrations with that “space” between being a student of the craft and moving into being someone who has something to share about the craft. We are always students, at every stage in our writing careers, but we began wondering why we were walking away from our conference and residency experiences feeling less than satisfied. It only made sense that we needed to look to ourselves to fill that gap between moving from one stage of our journey to the next.